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This year’s Alexander Technique awareness is about how AT can help with mental health problems. In Cumbria, mental health is considered a worse problem than the national average. I have therefore reduced my rates at the Barrow Practice to promote the AT and mental health awareness.


Richard Marsden – practicing as ‘strolling lighthouse’ is a qualified teacher in the Alexander Technique experienced in helping individuals since 2002 to improve their general health, physical fitness and wellbeing.
Richard developed the term strolling lighthouse as a positive thought process you can utilise as an aid to enjoy walking. It implies being pleasantly upright and gliding along in a tension free manner.
By leading a varied and interesting life, Richard has gained valuable experience. His formative years were spent in the Army, seeing active service in the Falklands conflict and peacekeeping in Egypt. This and his subsequent 10-year career in corporate life has left him with problems which cut short that career and Richard has used the Alexander Technique as a dynamic creative recovery tool. He can do the same for you.

Richard has a passion for the great outdoors and his love of hillwalking inspired the Strolling Lighthouse brand. He lives with his wife Wendy in Barrow in Furness.

Whatever you’re going through, you will find that with Richard’s wealth of experience of alternative therapies, he’ll be able to relate to your situation and help you,

Richard is a member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) and can be found on the teacher’s page on

Richard has had a recent press release in the evening mail and online via Click here to read it.


The Alexander Technique helps millions of people across the world to naturally overcome

Back, neck and joint pain - non pharmaceutical treatment - Alexander Technique - Strolling Lighthouse - Cumbria - Lancashire

Back, neck and joint pain

Muscle tension - stiffness - non pharmaceutical treatment - Alexander Technique - Strolling Lighthouse - Cumbria - Lancashire

Muscle tension & Stiffness

Poor posture - Alexander Technique - Strolling Lighthouse - Cumbria - Lancashire

Poor posture

Breathing - vocal issues - non pharmaceutical treatment - Alexander Technique - Strolling Lighthouse - Cumbria - Lancashire

Breathing & vocal issues

Anxiety - Stress - non pharmaceutical treatment - Alexander Technique - Strolling Lighthouse - Cumbria - Lancashire

Anxiety & stress


With gentle on hands guidance and verbal explanations, Richard will help you find ease and balance within yourself in simple moments and everyday activities, such as sitting, standing , walking or bending.

In time you will change long standing habits and use your new understanding and skills to function more effectively.

You will bring awareness and poise to everything that you do.



I began taking Alexander Technique lessons after having suffered from RSI and Tendonitis and back pain for several years.  The lessons have allowed me to gain more awareness of my posture and movement and I have used the technique to retrain the habitual behaviours that were causing my pain.


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