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If you are interested in discovering different ways of improving your health and well-being in a more natural and holistic way, Roots of life’s FREE quarterly seasonal Wellness magazine can help!

Divided into 8 sections, there are interesting articles on subjects such as lifestyle, the environment, seasonal health, food and drink and much more. You can also read about all the exciting and varied therapies available to help you decide on what path might work for you. The magazine brings together many therapists and practitioners, so whether you are looking for spiritual, physical or scientific solutions you can get in touch with someone local.

Rounded off with a competition, a What’s On section and special offers on our Shop Local page there really is something for everyone!

You’ll even find us in there.

The best introduction to the Alexander Technique is by a one to one session.

Search on or call 020 8885 6524. Or email

By Richard Marsden        

Richard is an Alexander Technique Teacher in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria and Preston, Lancashire. He has been practising since 2002.

Alexander Technique Awareness Week - Richard Marsden - Strolling Lighthouse