Please have a read of my recent reviews from my happy clients 

I came to Richard originally for a taster session. After six lessons my pain has reduced significantly. If the pain does appear I now have my own method of alleviating it.


I’d been hoping for some time that an Alexander Technique teacher would come to Barrow and, luckily for me, Richard did. I badly needed help with my core balance to overcome my tendency to trip and fall badly. Currently, I am in the process of being re-educated in the seemingly basic skills of walking, bending, sitting and breathing etc. After the very first session, I noticed the difference in my movement. Now, after six, I rarely trip; my legs are stronger when bending; sitting is more comfortable; my spine feels longer, and I actually see more because I am using my peripheral vision. Training in the Alexander Technique is bringing me the grace in movement I have long wanted and admired in others who have experienced the training. I highly recommend Richard Marsden with his ability to explain the processes involved, his professionalism and patience.


I began taking Alexander Technique lessons after having suffered from RSI and Tendonitis and back pain for several years. The lessons have allowed me to gain more awareness of my posture and movement and I have used the technique to retrain the habitual behaviours that were causing my pain.

I found the series of six Alexander Technique sessions very useful, especially in terms of alleviating back pain. Richard was supportive, clear and very helpful. A truly worthwhile use of my time and money.

The Alexander Technique has revitalised my life. I walk as if walking on air, I am able to go up and downstairs with ease without my troublesome knee giving in like it used to. By relearning activities like sitting, squatting, bending and standing at my full height, I now have less pain, more flexibility and find moving a lot easier and more pleasurable. Richard is a fantastic tutor who teaches with gentleness and care for the individual. Thank you.

Richard has been a patient and thoughtful teacher while I have been learning and trying out the Alexander Technique. Both from a psychological and physical point of view, this training has seen a gradual transformation in the way I use in my mind and body. The back pain I had been experiencing has lessened, and I feel more confident to deal with any flare ups that might occur. The results have been very encouraging.

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