The Alexander Technique helps millions of people across the world to naturally overcome

Excess tension in your body can cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms and it can interfere with your ability to perform activities well. Therefore it is not surprising that most people come to the Alexander Technique because they are in pain (backaches, sore necks and shoulders, carpal tunnel syndrome etc.) and/or because they are performers who want to improve the quality of their singing, playing, acting or dancing.

People of all ages and lifestyles have used the Technique to improve the quality of their lives.

The Alexander Technique has been taught for over a century, and during that time a number of prominent individuals have publicly endorsed the Technique.

Back, neck and joint pain management with the alexander technique

Back, neck and joint pain

muscle tension and stiffness reduction with the alexander technique

Muscle tension & Stiffness

posture improvement with the alexander technique by strolling lighthouse

Poor posture

breathing and vocal issues, great for performing artists through the alexander technique

Breathing & vocal issues

Reduce anxiety and stress with the alexander technique

Anxiety & stress

The benefits of the Alexander Technique in Pain Management

The Alexander Technique provides lots of benefits as a “treatment” for pain management. Here are 5 reasons why the Alexander Technique is a real alternative pain management choice.

1. Self-management – As you become more aware of yourself you become more aware of what is causing your pain. You learn to respond more appropriately to pain and adjust your posture to meet your need.

2. Drug-free pain management –  You can learn to manage your pain without using pharmaceutical medication. Thus improving your body internally as well as managing your pain without toxins from your previous drug pain management.

3. Can be incorporated to manage other pains in the body – You’ll be surprised where the Alexander Technique can help when it comes to pains in the body. The alexander technique can be used for:-

  • Back pain management
  • Neck pain management
  • knee pain management
  • other joint pain management
  • as well as muscle tension and muscle stiffness pain management. 

4. Better Mobility and Flexibility – The Alexander Technique helps improve your coordination and posture which in turn supports your muscles flexibility. This has an impact on better mobility as it can reduce falls and improve balance as you hold yourself correctly during walking, running or even going to sit and stand.

5. It has long term benefits – You will be learning a skill for life. This means once you have finished your lessons with your Alexander Technique teacher, you will be able to use this again and again in the future to help with pain management. Don’t just take my word for it. The British Medical Journal (BMJ, 2008) stated that Lessons in the Alexander Technique “…have long term benefits for patients with chronic back pain.” Watch the videos from the BMJ below and find out why the Alexander Technique is a real drug-free pain management alternative.

Alexander Technique | British Medical Journal Research | Part 1
Alexander Technique | British Medical Journal Research | Part 2

Whatever your age, ability or state of health, the Technique can help you get stronger and have more stamina, become more relaxed, think more clearly and recover from injury more quickly.

The Alexander Technique can enhance personal performance across the whole spectrum of human activity. It is possible for practically anyone to rediscover freedom and ease in movement. You feel younger, lighter, taller, calmer and more confident.

It’s an investment you make in yourself; its real value lies in learning to apply it in your daily activities, for life.

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